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General Assembly

Article 7 PD226/92

The General Assembly of SOEL consists of Certified Public Accountants, who are registered in the Register maintained by S.O.E.L. in accordance with Article 13 of the present decree and not in a state of voluntary suspension under Article 22 hereof. The General Assembly is the supreme organ of S.O.E.L. and is tasked with considering and deciding upon any matter listed on the agenda and relating to the organization and practice of the profession of the Certified Public Accountant. Audit firms do not enjoy the right of participation in the General Assembly.

The General Assembly shall meet regularly once a year, within four months of the end of the previous financial year, at the invitation of the Supervisory Council, to approve the annual financial statements and the budget of the Institute, and in order to conduct any scheduled election or deal with any other matter placed on the agenda, either by decision of the Supervisory Council or on the basis of a proposal signed by at least ten (10) Certified Public Accountants submitted to the Supervisory Council before the end of each financial year.

The General Assembly shall meet extraordinarily whenever convened by the Supervisory Council, by decision of the same or the basis of a proposal signed by at least one-quarter of the total number of registered Certified Public Accountants.

The General Assembly shall, every three years, elect the Chairmen and members of the Supervisory and Scientific Councils. The election is conducted separately for each category by the single transferable vote.

The General Assembly shall appoint a Certified Public Accountant who has not been a member of the Supervisory Council in the six years previous to his nomination as a member of the Supervisory Council, which controls the financial statements of the Institute and submits its findings to the General Assembly. Specifically, the auditor of the first year of operation of SOEL is selected by the Supervisory Council. The remuneration of the Auditor (the audit fee) shall be determined by the Supervisory Council.